"We do not put everything on Intranet ...." Aurel Turbatu (4000+) Pulse | LinkedIn

Most companies do not bring intranet information relevant to their employees. Although it has the opportunity not only to inform, but also to educate, involve or gather feedback, etc., it continues to bring propagandized content to its employees. They are no longer open.

The intranet remains a simple site where a certain department, not to say just one person, posts more. This is how it comes to: "Yes, I will go on the intranet to download my holiday application form ..."

"-Should you be able to comment anyone and anything on our intranet articles?"

Yes, it can! To appreciate its content, quality and relevance. To praise or criticize him or her, to complete it with his or her own experience, to contradict it or even to criticize the person who wrote it, because it would only bring benefits to the company. It would stimulate involvement, initiative, creativity, feedback. It would help to share and accumulate experiences or good practices. It would facilitate communication between the people in the company who may otherwise have never met.

"We have a site that posts from someone else in department X and a fileserver with procedures and forms ..."

And from time to time I receive by mail that this procedure or that form has changed. I did not even know that there were times or what I used. How many of these emails are currently open? Have not they gotten spam? The sender is "covered," he did his job ...

"We send a newsletter to all our employees ...". Often with information from a past that no longer interests anyone. But check in Internal Communication as everyone was informed. It's like "It was once like never ..." This will be reported in next month's episode.

ESN is still a kind of Sci-Fi, not to mention Digital Workspace. What a forum or chat around here. Advanced intranets, in which employees carry out more efficiently most of the company's processes, are still in the "What's the Health?" How important is it to have a single place where employees can find all their support information? Most managers are afraid to assume the role of contributor, too busy with "extinguishing fires". True, most people have not yet managed to associate their performance with the organization level of support information in the department they run.

The step of sending a mail to a group to write an article in an intranet section is not at all a country end. Putting a topic into discussion on a forum. A way to propagate changes much more efficiently would generate a better organization of information within a tool more advanced than a website, mail or fileserver.

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