Our solutions are unique and are also developed using the Zenify methodology

Zenify defines, collects, arrange and presents the gathered information in a form that make it easy to conduct the internal processes

Zenify provides to the employees all the resources needed to do their job quickly and correctly

We called Zenify methodology, imagining and seeing people who do their job well, calm and balance.

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Installation & Upgrade

SharePoint - a complex tool made easy
SharePoint is a complex tool made to feel simple
And very often operates as a simple thing. But when it comes to an installation or an upgrade to an enterprise environment it is better to approach it as a complex one. And maybe together with some who have done it several times.


How to get out of SharePoint as much as possible
Do you want the maximum extent possible out of SharePoint?
Whether it’s about branding, settings or extension of existing features, complex workflows, integration with other systems, we are here to help you.


Forwarned is forarmed!
Once you have a system in place it is important to ensure, on regular basis, that it operates at peak efficiency and that your data is protected by the event of accidental damage. Manual or automatic checks, daily or weekly backup routines, installation of software products updates and tests of recovery ensure that your system is optimal.


Advice and Adoption

Do not waste your time reinventing the wheel!
We are specialists in the analysis and modeling of processes and systems. We have already grown beyond most of the challenges the implementation of an intranet, or the development of an existing one, involve in each phase. We conceive strategies and action plans aimed to urgent the assimilation of digital instruments within organizations.


Without people, you can’t have a successful intranet
Contributors growing the business through the content distributed on the intranet, Developers enhancing the functionalities, Administrators ensuring the proper functioning. They are the “Pillars” giving value to this instrument of operational support. Their training will do, to a large extent, the difference between success and failure in its use.


Project Management

When you want to be successful from the first time!
Many people are good to manage projects. We are good to better manage the intranet ones. We do this successfully for more than 10 years. We have successfully completed more than 40 intranet projects. We know which are challenges of this type of projects, starting with analysis up to assimilation, and how to overcome them together.


Office 365

Office 365 provides an integrated solution, so that everyone can collaborate more effectively using the team chat, online meetings, jointly developing and sharing files, group e-mail and the social network for workplace.

Without infrastructure costs, availability guaranteed by Microsoft
Collaborate as you want and manage changes in the shared documents, whether you work online or offline or together with other people
Work perfectly anywhere with your favorite Office applications and resume working where you left off on any device



Open channels for communication and collaboration

The ideas are not outlines of nothing. With Office 365 you contact and collaborate with employees and trusted partners to identify new products and services. Use and view data from multiple sources in order to get a perspective on the customers’ behavior and market trends, creating new ideas and innovations. See how it helps the interconnected labor force and the open communication ensuring the organization is more innovative and insightful.



Simplify your meeting solution in a single application and reduce the costs by using Office 365 with Skype for business. Keep your organization connected and work as though you are all in the same room. Discover how Skype for Business eliminate the obstacles of collaboration and lowers costs. Simplify your infrastructure with a single platform in Office 365 to make calls, video conferencing and sharing.



Identify and enhance the appropriate ideas

The teams and partners can use secure and collaborative workspaces to create together proposals and accelerate innovation, while also protecting the intellectual property of the company and helping to reduce the costs of consolidation. Help teams to create and share the views of enriched trade data with the directly concerned participants, for more informed decisions.

Our skills



We were won by the manner in which, like in a game of LEGO, you can combine components as lists, libraries, workflows or web parts as to create a solution to make employees to collaborate more easily, “safely circling” around a web site.

5 of 10 best intranet sites in the world runs SharePoint
SharePoint is used by 78% of the Fortune 500 Top Companies for sustainable offline and online software developments
Available in both On-Premise and Cloud (Office365) versions
SharePoint is the leader platform in the industry for intranet, secure document management, collaboration and more.
SharePoint is not only dedicated to corporations. Medium and small companies may benefit from the use of SharePoint also

Business Solutions


SharePoint For HR

All HR services should be easily accessible on the intranet: procedures, forms, frequently asked questions, contact persons, workflow meant to uphold the basic processes. So the company’s employees will be able to run more easily the frequent tasks in relation to HR and the HR specialists can concentrate on activities with higher added-value. With SharePoint you can do all these things.


SharePoint for PROJECTS

All the relevant information related to a project can be found in one place. You can virtually create a site dedicated to a specific project where you can have all the documents, news, timelines, list of information etc. The management of the documents may be done centralized using documents libraries. Practically the documents are no longer sent via email. They are permanently placed on a server where they can be selectively accessed by users depending on their access permissions.


SharePoint for Quality Management

The quality management system documentation should be available to all authorized employees. For this reason a library of documents is the natural place to manage this.The fact that they are accessible to a well defined audience, they have a flexible structure and they allow the creation of multiple versions make them the perfect instrument in an auditing situation. This can be done the easiest on the company’s intranet and SharePoint can naturally integrate in any company’s.



“Turn-key intranet” on SharePoint / Office 365 platform

  • Rapid implementation, lower costs
  • Already validated by companies with thousands of employees
  • Advanced instrument of operational support
  • Designed on the basis of intranet good practices

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