Organizing Information

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In (almost) any house, things are organized somehow: the books are put in the library, the food is in the pantry or in the refrigerator, the documents are in several files, and the money under the mattress or the bank.

As a result, when a family member needs something, he can easily find what he needs.

Let's see how is at work ...

There, to be productive, you need procedures, application usage instructions, product charts, current offers, contact details, best practices, solutions discovered by other colleagues, and so.

Where do you find them? In most cases, they are randomly placed on personal computers, in mailboxes, on network folders.

It's as if all the stuff would have put the pile on the carpet in the house!
And for this reason, most companies perform inconsistently and inefficiently.


PS: the fact that my son's toys are all over the house is not counting... :)


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