Do we need Intranet?

a single point of entry for the company’s internal communication
support for change, innovation and knowledge management
decentralized content management and centralized document library
improved collaboration and team member satisfaction


All of our products are based on the original methodology of work Zenify
Zenify defines, collects, structures, and displays engregated information so it gives the employee all the resources he needs to do his job quickly and well.
The methodology name was inspired by an atmosphere of calm, balanced and productive work.

Intranet / Digital Workplace

Intranet / Digital Workplace


An intranet should be designed around the relationship between the internal service providers and the beneficiaries of such services

Processes oriented content for a better focus on the efficiency and business activities

Support for internal communication between different departments, teams or working groups

Encourage all employees to actively participate and share knowledge

Development based on TQM models, ensuring consistency and coherence


The major challenge when you assess your intranet performance is that other intranet networks are private so you do not have access to them. For this reason, the majority experience is limited to a few instruments of this kind seen in other companies where they previously worked.

We saw tens of intranet networks and we thoroughly studied the best practices in the field. As a result, we have developed an assessment method which considers more than 80 key elements of an intranet, grouped into 12 relevant categories.

We can help you

Audit and Consultancy

Audit and consultancy services

Do you want to improve your team's productivity through a more efficient way of working?

Do you want to know how effective are the instruments used at present in the achievement of your objectives?

Do you want to know how much you lose from inefficient organization of support information?

Do you want to improve your current tools, to bring more productivity?

Intranet development


Do you want the CMS tool that you build to really have an impact on the business?

To take advantage of good practice for such platforms, achieved in more than 40 similar projects?

To bring efficiency in the business processes which they support?

To ensure a quick acceptance and easy and intuitive to use, based on an understanding of business processes and interactions within the team?

To ensure a quick acceptance and an easier use, intuitive, based on an understanding of business processes and interactions within the team?

To have a flexible structure, modular and easy-to-manage?

Digital Workspace


Not just a collection of information in a tree structure but also processes conducted through a platform generating increasing productivity:

  • Quick and easy access to relevant information
  • Effective Management of interactions within the team (feedback, task)
  • Build-up of good practices
  • Auditing capabilities

Our abilities

The Business management
The Quality management
Information architecture

Konnect Features

Implement best practices achieved in more than 10 years of experience

Contemporary and familiar design, based on the MS Office one increases the speed of assimilation


Advanced technology, SharePoint is the most popular and powerful Intranet platform available at this moment

Lower cost of implementation due to standardization and reuse applications. Similar project experience helps us to deliver a powerful intranet within a short time

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We provide quality solutions that help companies to achieve better performance through internal communication and more efficient organizational management