- I put it in CC: to mail and boss, to see I informed them!" Aurel Turbatu (4000+) Pulse | LinkedIn

That's to give "weight" to the message, do not let anyone ignore me and not open it. And he started an avalanche of messages, all with Reply-all. And we've been "overcome" with some clarification on the instructions. Let's have a look later.

And boss enjoyed it. He did not have many messages on the mail and even wanted to see with his eyes that people cared about them and that he was "working" on the subject. Just watch all and everything. Let's not lose the small enemies or personal frustrations strewn through the messages. To intervene impatiently when the horse jumps.

Finally, the mailing is over, the conflicts are extinguished, and we have a "final" form of the instruction. Which everyone will surely apply when need is asked and when it will not be confused with ver7.0 of mail number 28 on the subject.

Over a period of time and this instruction will suffer some changes, change is often the most constant thing in companies. And he starts the jury again. Perhaps there were a few pertinent and necessary observations through previous emails, but who can find them now. The man who formulated them may not even work in the company. Maybe we can find some more in his mail. Often we take it almost from scratch. And we lose sight of important, sometimes essential things. Let's take another instruction: final.2.0. I've changed a few dozen messages ... with CC: boss, of course! He also enjoyed it this time.

Do you seem to be deprived of the reality of your daily work the above?

It would be all in a system that allows gathering and archiving feed-back from those involved.

We have a place dedicated to instruction within a Digital Workspace. The final version always represents the unique reference for those to whom it is intended. Previous version is not in any mail to give them the opportunity to use it and make mistakes. We receive Suggestions for Change and Pro / Cons arguments.

We are following a change history, using previous experiences to make sure that the next version makes full use of them. We are continually stimulating the involvement of those who are asked to provide us with a transparent feed-back. I can do it directly whenever I find something useful that could improve my current work.

It's a continuous workflow optimization process that does not require endless sessions or time-consuming mail exchanges. It's a brainstorming that supports the digital space of the company. It becomes an asset that truly supports performance rather than an informational jungle.

Through the Growth Instruments of SINERGIEI Organizational developed by Zenith Consulting, we can help you make the most of this important asset for your business.

We provide quality solutions that help companies to achieve better performance through internal communication and more efficient organizational management