Ana Neves Partner of Knowman; Author and host of KMOL; Organiser of Social Now - Interview with Cristian Salanti

Cristian Salanti calls himself a architect of digital employee experiences. He's Romanian, has a background in technology and management, and in his own words, he “teaches a better way to design intranets and digital workplaces that improves the execution of all relevant tasks within an enterprise”.

I talked with him.

Getting good content for your intranet was never easy. Very often, it requires countless interactions with whoever want to listen to you in order to squize from them a few ideas that can become publishable content.

Yet, I would argue that there is a better way, that delivers valuable content, with strong business impact and with a lot less effort.

Oferim sisteme de intranet operational care ajuta companiile sa devina mai flexibile si mai eficiente


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