Why is the majority of intranets underfunded? | Cristian SALANTI | Pulse | LinkedIn

Because they are perceived as a communication channel, and our communication managers do not give much money ...

The job is the same as in others :)
I was this summer at an intranet development workshop in London, and there I saw that some participants had rudimentary systems, which I would have considered outdated 10 years ago. They were struggling with the same mentalities we faced, and often the financial factor was decisive.

On the other hand, there were people from companies who had everything well set up and came to the workshop more for an exchange of experience. Besides, the trainer told me "I come from another world ...". With bitter taste, I was right.
How would a possible solution look like?

You can position the intranet as an operational support system that helps you run your business more efficiently and flexibly.

The more you can demonstrate the direct link between the development of the Intranet and the achievement of the company's goals, the better you will get from potential sponsors. For example, if the company has the goal of improving service quality, it is looking for those areas where using a powerful intranet can help this goal. Perhaps you want the rules and procedures to be more easily accessible, that some good practices are taken by all team members or that there is better feedback between the departments.

That's why it's easier to find :)

Of course, after that remains the problem of implementing the promises, here I can help with some practical tips!

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