No (more) by mail - completion Cristian SALANTI | Pulse | LinkedIn

I wanted in my previous post to show you 7 problems generated in a large organization of excessive use of mail in operational communication.

I realized in the next few days that I missed the most important of them. A colleague from the Lean Six Sigma course (thank you Cristina) helped me put my ideas together and synthesize them somehow.

There is a general perception (illusion) that employees "know" certain things, that they communicate all the time and that they are "up to date" with all the information they need. That's when employees are unhappy with the pressure brought about by continuous changes and all the communication problems they face each day.

Once again, the solution is to manage all this information carefully, and it will be readily available on an Intranet portal. And when I say "easy," I actually say "obsessively easy" :)

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