After resolving Task


"- Do not forget to send me a mail after you solve the task ..." Aurel Turbatu (4000+) Pulse | LinkedIn

So let me know that you have finished either because I have something to do after you finish, or because you have to ... The list is longer and keeps the way of everybody working.

Some of the things we do at work require colleagues' input. We interact and we need to know when certain delegated tasks have been completed. Not necessarily because we are control-freak or we want to show who's the boss what he thinks.

Why? Because in our projects or activities, or in which we are involved, there are sequences or workflows that others do. There are tasks in competence or the assignment of other colleagues.

Although one of the most useful tools (MS-Outlook) includes a section where each can manage or delegate tasks within the team, most of us continue to do this by mail. Not only do we make it difficult to manage our own activities, using all sorts of tables to keep track of the tasks, I also give my colleague an extra task: "After you finish, give me a mail, please."

After some time, some of us will give a preventive mail: "See that the dead line is approaching that task." The colleague also forgets to send that he has completed it (it's just a man) and we come back, let's send a mail, so let's take the pulse: "How do you stand with that task, is it ready?" Being a conscientious colleague (as we all have) naturally completed it, but with others he forgot his dear to let us know. Obviously still on the mail, like every time ...

A little delay, what else does it matter? If I've just begun, let's go and make a tour of strength all over to check their status. Bag fast dozens of emails. It's quick to say that it takes me a few good minutes ... The status replies are also coming "fast".

This type of communication is often in CC: and other colleagues, "eager" and they to fill in the mail with such information. They will not, they come, though most of the time they are completely irrelevant.

Otherwise, it would work in a more complex system that organizes this type of interaction and resources. A system that would allow them to be grouped, grouped, or viewed according to multiple criteria (activity to which it belongs, priority, status, cost center, etc.). Or the association of the various resources needed to accomplish them (files, comments, useful links, previous experiences, etc.). Everyone joins.

-How do you stand with the "quest" task?

A place where the related activities and tasks can be easily accessed and provide both a picture of current status and easy access to history or resources. The place where the team / teams manage their activities, the unique reference for everyone. Find everything you need on each activity / project or task. It signals deadlines or 100% fulfillment for those you are involved in. Do not load your colleagues with status mails or clarifiers. There is no need to notify the fulfillment of tasks on the mail, all those involved in the project / activity see in real time the status and resources of the project.

Fewer errors, less stress. Less time consumed in vain. More efficiency and productivity. Awareness and desire to change exist, as cost-effective solutions are found!

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