I did my job, I sent my colleagues everything they needed!" Aurel Turbatu (4000+) Pulse | LinkedIn

" I did my job, I sent my colleagues all they needed! "Said the zealous employee in a conversation that did not understand why people continued to do their work in the wrong way. Although I had modified it a few months ago and the information came to everyone, many still applied the old instructions.

The majority is convinced that by sending mail to colleagues, it will go directly into their minds, change behaviors and instantly promote change. And when a man has something to solve in the new way of working, he will definitely remember that a few weeks / months ago there were some changes he received by mail.

"I did my job, no one can say I did not inform them. They also confirmed to me that they had received! ". - I'm covered, no one can reproach me. Just so, as those people were getting daily N information, not just from me. Many of them did not even have the chance to open them, but to walk, understand and assimilate them.

For ~ 80% of repetitive daily activities, we use about 20% of all instructional information we are "bombarded" by mail or we have access to. These 20%, due to routine or importance, quickly assimilate them. With the remaining 80% of the information we receive, we do not want to fill our memory, we will look for them later.

But when it comes to a low repeat activity, we have to go through the informational "jungle" of the mail or of a system that is often organized in the tree. The information I need to do my job well is found in the remaining 80% in a leaf of this "information tree". I find it barely after I've picked and traced some branches through mails, folders, or in any tree intranet full of irrelevant information for my role. After wasting precious time in which I could make money for the company and implicitly for me.

Why not provide an effective tool for those who produce value to have access to relevant information according to each role and activities? Why not earn valuable time for them or for us? Why not quickly and efficiently promote change? Why not be a conscious manager of these?

"The message sent over the previous mail had a small mistake, I returned with the good version" ... a 3 a oara ...

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